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Welcome to the Window How To Manual website! Ever since glass was invented windows have proved to be a remarkable way to shield people indoors from the elements even while allowing them to take advantage of the ambient light outdoors. In ancient times windows were so expensive, they were owned only by the very rich. Today, very nice, high-tech windows are in most houses and buildings.

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This website will show you how to install a glass window. We begin by giving you a bit of information about the various kinds of windows available and what their uses are. Next we get into window specifications which explains window insulation and light admitting properties.

Installing a window where there was not one before is not as complicated as it may sound. We will show you how to frame a wall to receive a window, as well as some of the things you will need to know to put the window into place. If you have old windows that need replacing, we show you how to install replacement windows, too. Finish work and adding trim is where you can make your own personal touches.

In cold and hot climates (it seems like we all live in one or the other), storm windows are a popular way of inexpensively and easily improving the insulation value of your window openings.

As always, safety is of paramount importance.

A way to make windows more UV resistant without going through the cost of replacing them is to install window-film.

This site will also help you learn how to keep your windows looking their best.  There are many ways to wash windows, so we will show you some of the best methods for a streak-free process.

To navigate this site, you can refer to the navigation cluster at the top of each page to click on the topic that most interests you. To read the site through in the manner in which it was intended, simply click on the “next page” found at the end of each article.

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How to Clean Windows

Window Cleaning is a big industry, so hiring the best window cleaners is key to getting the job done properly.

Professional window cleaners use squeegees, in combination with a soap and water solution, to create the perfect streak-free clean. Squeegees are made up of a rubber blade attached to a handle for easy gripping. Before cleaning windows, it is important to prepare the surface by removing any dirt or debris with a soft cloth or brush.

Once the window is ready for cleaning, fill a bucket with lukewarm water and mix in an appropriate amount of dish-washing liquid or other detergent designed specifically for glass surfaces. It is best practice to wear chemical-resistant gloves when handling this solution as contact on bare skin can cause irritation.

To start cleaning your windows with the squeegee: dip your blade into the soapy mixture before wiping it along one side of each pane from top-to-bottom; then immediately wipe away any excess moisture using back and forth motions across each pane’s width; if there are still streaks visible on your windows use a cotton cloth dampened in distilled white vinegar mixed with lukewarm water followed by another swipe of your squeegee – repeating this pattern until you achieve an even clean finish! Finally, dry off any remaining drops using newspaper or paper towels for optimal results.