How To Use Pure Water To Wash Windows

How To Use Pure Water To Wash Windows

Why Should You Use Pure Water To Wash Windows?

Pure water contains no foreign objects. There is no calcium or magnesium in purified water. On the other hand, regular home water is hard water. It has different types of metal particles in it.

The non-purified regular tap water can leave streaks after it gets dried. But, if you use pure water, then nothing will be left on your windows. Thus, you can get spot-free windows.

How To Use Pure Water To Wash Windows?

Pure water can be used to wash windows without leaving spots.  It has zero impurities in it so when it dries, it will not leave any spots or smear behind.
Pure Water

1) Test Your Home Water

Before purifying your home water, you must know its hardness level. So, you should use a TDS meter. A TDS meter (total dissolved solids) shows you – how hard your water is!

Usually, below 50 on the TDS meter tells that the water is soft. But, when washing windows you need absolute pure water. So, use the water when it shows ‘0’ PPM on the TDS meter.

2) Purify Your Water

Now, you can use DI vessels to purify a huge amount of water. The de-ionization process can make your water completely pure. But, if you have a big house with more than 30 windows, then you can use a portable RO. RO has robust filters. Hence, you may not have to change its filters frequently. Thus, you can purify gallons of water to wash all your windows.

3) Use A Water-fed Pole

A water-fed pole system is a perfect system to wash your windows. These extendable or telescopic poles can reach high windows. Moreover, it can deliver pure water to the windows. It has a brush on top of it. Even, you can change the angle of the brush. Hence, you should have a backpack with a motor and a good-quality water-fed pole.

4) Wash All Your Windows Easily

So, pour purified water into the backpack and connect the hose of the water-fed pole to it. Now, you are ready to wash your windows. You can control the pressure of the water from the backpack’s motor. Use the brush of the pole to clean your windows perfectly.

5) Rinse Your Windows Well

After cleaning your windows, you need to rinse them with pure water. So, no dirt and no foreign materials stay on your windows. Wait for an hour or two and then, you will get spot-free sparkling windows.

A water-fed pole is the best system to use pure water. You can reach high windows and you can clean your windows flawlessly. But, you must not forget to use pure water to have streak-free windows.