Glass Window Safety

Glass Window Safety

Safety when dealing with windows, is like safety everywhere else, it is mainly common sense. But it is sometimes the obvious that we overlook when doing a job and subject ourselves to dangerous situations that can cause injury or even take a life.

When installing glass windows, you will undoubtedly be dealing with heavy weights. Be sure that you lift properly, with your legs. Windows are fragile with glass panes that can be easily damaged if carelessly stored or handled.

Window replacement and installation often takes homeowners and do-it-yourselves to the second and even third story on a ladder or scaffolding. There is danger when ladders are not propped against a building at the proper angle or not properly secured at the base. Lifting heavy windows, along with tools, up the ladder can also create precarious situations. Be sure that windows and tools are properly handled and if you need help, find it. Don’t do this job by yourself if the situation calls for two.

When fitting a window into place, the top should nearly always be secured first. This prevents the window from tilting out with the attendant damage and possible injury to anyone below the window.

Power tools, especially for finished carpentry will probably be used. If so, make sure that you read all instructions and are thoroughly familiar with tools before you use them. Be sure to use the appropriate tool for the appropriate job.

Keep workspaces clear of debris and properly dispose of old materials, especially broken glass. Glass can make deep cuts that can cause infection. Perform first aid as soon as possible.


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