Ladder Safety

How to Safely Use Ladders When Washing Windows

If you are a window cleaner, there’s a good chance you’ll need a ladder to reach them. Here are some tips on how to safely use a ladder when cleaning windows:

• Start with a good-quality ladder that’s in full working order. Choose a level piece of ground to stand on, and open the ladder fully. Make sure that all the locking mechanisms are secured before climbing up.

• Do not place your ladder in front of a door that might be opened while you’re on the ladder and don’t lean the ladder against anything but a solid wall. Also, don’t put your ladder under power lines.

• Wash your hands before the cleaning begins to remove natural oils from your hands. Put a rag over your shoulder before you climb the ladder. Use this rag to dry your hands or any parts of the ladder that get wet, to prevent slipping.

• Put on slip-resistant shoes and climb the ladder slowly, making sure one foot is secure on a rung before moving your other foot to the next rung.

• Always climb with your body facing the ladder, never with your back to it.

• Stop climbing when you reach the safe standing level on the ladder, which is the second rung from the top in a step ladder and the fourth rung from the top of an extension ladder.

• When cleaning the windows, don’t stretch to clean them or you could fall. Simply climb down the ladder and move it closer to the window you are trying to reach.

How to use ladders safely

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